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*2024 Participating Artists will be posted closer to the event!
Participating Artists
Art on the Border 2023

RCDC Little Dancer 4_m
IMG_3629 - Original
IMG_7611 - Original
IMG_2971 - Original
Eichler_Dancers GICLEE
Eichler_Amy_Winnie - Original
Eichler_Amy_Spyke_m - Original
Eichler_Amy Santa 2021
Eichler_Amy_Old Main_s
Eichler_Amy_Bichon 1-1
Eichler_Amy_Hummingbird 1_s
Eichler_Amy_Hummingbird 2
Eichler_Amy_Honey Bee
Eichler_Amy_Hope Tree

2023 Featured Artist AMY EICHLER

"Painting, much like dancing, is a physical self-expression to capture the mood, emotion, or personality of the setting or model. Both disciplines focus on texture in movement, allowing bold and graceful gestures to work together to create visually pleasing pictures. It's my love of training in dance that has influenced my painting to emphasize expressive color, rhythm, technique, character and the living form. I approach my paintings like a dance routine, performing my art from start to finish with one burst of energy. While I'll always revisit the piece to make adjustments, it is that first explosion of enthusiasm that sets the tone for the painting. Though my paintings may not include imagery of dancers, it is my process of painting that is my dance.

Over time, my art has grown to be more about the subject and less about the setting, abandoning much of the background to make room for more contrast and negative space. This transition has narrowed my focus on the portrait. These portraits develop their own happy characters and unique names as they emerge from the canvas. I use color layering from a limited palette to push the neutrals into more vibrant hues, the ones we all see in nature but can't always remember. The backgrounds remain flat, using ears, horns, and excess fur to

expand off the edges of the canvas to create a high-contrast, close-up view of the personalities of these creatures. Ultimately, I love anything with eyes and a personality."

Art patrons and charity supporters will find a host of mediums to admire and purchase. They include oils, pastels, acrylics, watercolor, fiber, hand-blown glass, jewelry, sculptures, gourds, digitally enhanced photographs, wood turning and baskets, high quality prints as well as originals. Art on the Border grew from 14 artists in 2014 to 70+ in 2022. We are expecting 70+ artists featured in our 2023 show and sale. Below you will find the name and image of the current artists that will be in attendance at Art on the Border 2023.

Rania Assadi.png
Kayla Ausmus.png
Sally Ball.png
Jackie Birmingham.png
Cheri Bohn.png
Becky Botos.png
Steve Brewster.png
Pat Brown.png
Emily Brumbelow.png
Theresa Cates.png
Mary Lou Christie.png
Ashley Cope.png
Ginger Copeland.png
April Davis-Brunner.png
Amy Eichler.png
Linda Fletcher.png
Dave Floyd.png
Rosie Floyd.png
Jeanette Foreman.png
Andrew Galbach.png
Sara Galbach.png
Michele Glover.png
Brenda Godwin.png
Angela Green.png

Interested in becoming an artist at Art on the Border?

Nicole Hanna.png
Stephen Holmes.png
Lynnette Horn.png
Edwin Importante.png
Sherry Jones.png
Fazila Jovic.png
Cheryl Kellar.png
Chuck King.png
John Kirkpatrick.png
Rachelle Kirkpatrick.png
Jimmy Leach.png
Dawn Lensing.png
Andi Levin.png
Lisa Lew.png
Charlotte Lockhart.png
Steven Lockhart.png
Becky Lucht.png
Nancy McGraw.png
Dianne Miller.png
Jim Miller.png
Sally Minnick.png

Find us on Facebook to see more images and info about the artists.

Dani Montoya.png
Sally O'Dwyer.png
Stephanie Pizza.png
Donnie Poindexter.png
Shareen Pruitt.png
Vonda Rainey.png
Randolph Read.png
Carmen Schaar-Walden.png
Diana Shearon.png
Jezz Strutt.png
Jan Sutton.png
Tony Tabone.png
Shari Short.png
Renee Smith.png
Kathy Soliday.png
Margaret Todhunter.png
Miranda Allyse Torres.png
Kelly VanHook.png
Rick VanHook.png
Paul Walsh.png
Teresa Warren.png
Susan Washington.png
Anna Sue Wilcox.png
Jennifer Wilson.png
Terry Wilson.png
Beth Woessner.png
Bob & Virginia Wright.png
Becky Yandell.png
Vicente Yanez.png
Doyle Young.png

Stay tuned for 2024 Participating Artists!

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